CHOOSE LIFE, ABORT WAR Podcast for Peace

Reclaim Armistice Day, #UnmaskMilitarism w/ David Swanson

Episode Summary

David Swanson joins Thad to #UnmaskMilitarism of WWI, discuss the largest most effective peace movement in the USA and why both World Beyond War & Veterans for Peace want to Reclaim Armistice Day!

Episode Notes

Five-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, prolific blogger, writer, journalist and activist, David Swanson of World Beyond War joins Thad to

  1. #UnmaskMilitarism and the "phantom menace" behind WWI
  2. Discuss the inspiring forgotten 1920s peace mainstream peace movement which overcame diverse political ideologies and created a treaty to ban all war from David's book, When the World Outlawed War found at
  3. List four priorities of Choose Life Abort War.
  4. Tell why Veterans for Peace think it's good idea to #ReclaimArmisticeDay
  5. Build a Culture of Peace in big or small ways w/ World Beyond War.
  6. Tease you with upcoming guests including an Air Force Chaplain court-martialed for applying Just War criteria, a Veteran For Peace who rehumanizes enemies and war victims through photography, two expert Conscientious Objector counselors, and a movie producer/human rights activist who faced an al-Queada warlord to negotiate peace. 

    Intro/ outro music: “Choose Life,” by C. Fulmer (c) 1985, used with permission.